What does FREEDOM mean to you? We ask you take a minute or two and ask yourself – What does FREEDOM mean to ME?

Posted by Darren Jacotine

Do you think you’ll have enough super to live out your life with absolute financial freedom? Doing what you want, when you want, how you want, as much as you want. 

For most, their retirement savings rarely see them through to age 85! But yours can, with Freedom Planning!

So what is Freedom Planning?

Freedom Planning is a one page plan for your future – how much $ you will need, an estimate of how much $ you’ll have, and how to help you get to what $ you’ll need to ensure you have a beautiful financial future!

How does Freedom Planning work?

It starts with a free, 30 minute coffee and chat with us. Together we will create your one page plan and identify your Freedom Gap – how much $ you need to get, to achieve financial freedom.

Once we’ve identified your Freedom Gap we can help you to start eliminating that gap with 5 key strategies:

1. Using a Protected Share Investment

Imagine buying shares with no downside risk! Receive all your dividends and capital growth without losing anything if your shares go down in value. Not only do protected share investments help boost your wealth but they can also be tax effective!

2. Using a SMSF

A popular option for investors seeking flexibility and greater control of their superannuation.

We can help you get started with an SMSF and the purchase of an income producing residential property using a borrowing strategy. So not only do you boost your wealth but it makes it last, and you can enjoy the many other advantages of retiring using a SMSF.

3. Debt Optimisation

Sometimes referred to as “Debt Recycling”, Debt Optimisation is an adaptable financial strategy that creates wealth over time and improves your debt structure, by reducing your “bad debt”, increasing your “good debt” and building an investment portfolio.  All adapted to suit your goals and time horizons.

4. Tax Planning

With effective tax planning every year in the months of March and April, you can legally reduce your tax and boost your wealth. We’ll discuss which tax planning strategies will work for you, how and when to get started with them.

5. Increase your Business Value

Using our new Business “On Track” Plan we can set out a 5 year projection of your business value, and an action plan on how you can increase your business value. Then meet with you every month/quarter to review the plan and ensure you’re always on track in boosting the value of your business.

We want you to have a Better Financial Future with Ultimate Freedom! Do YOU?

Don’t delay. Call and book your FREE 30 minute coffee and chat. The sooner you get started with the right advice, the sooner you will grow your assets to have a beautiful financial future!

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